Muto is a 30th Century villain, who is the archnemesis of that era's Superman. He is a human mutant, who has no hair, yellow skin, and an enlarged head. He has telekinetic powers, which he uses in conjunction with his scientific ability.


Sometime in the 30th Century, a little boy accompanied his parents aboard a survey ship, which was tracking a meteoroid headed for earth. When the Superman of the time (Superman 2999's father) destroyed the meteoroid, it opened a singularity in space, which sucked the survey ship into an alternate dimension.

The dimension that they landed in was inhabited only by robots, as all the biological life was long-since dead. The robots experimented on the boy, altering him genetically and giving him several powers and traits of their own robotic race.

As a result, when the boy returned as Muto, a being with powerful telepathic abilities, he saw humans merely as servants and schemed to take over human civilization.