The cover to Return to Krypton II depicts Superman's origin in this continuity (before it was retconned).

The Modern Age, or Post-Crisis continuity is a continuous universe in which the main Superman comic books took place between 1985 and 2011.

This continuity has been altered a number of times, with superman's origin changing in Superman: Birthright and later again in Superman: Secret Origin, due to the events of Infinite Crisis. However, the superman comics were not rebooted at any point, and the stories have continued from previous ones (more or less) since 1986.

Unlike the previous comic book continuity, this continuity features Lex Luthor primarily as a businessman running LexCorp rather than a Mad Scientist; Krypton is a more cold and sterile world, whose inhabitants do not touch each other, and Superman and other Kryptonians are weaker than in the Silver Age. This description mainly describes the continuity as originally conceived; some elements of it have been retconned in recent years. Additionally, in this continuity, New Krypton has been created from the Bottle City of Kandor, leading to new storylines.


Superman did not immediately gain his powers upon landing on Earth. As told in The Man of Steel, he developed them slowly as he approached maturity. As a result, he never took on the identity of Superboy (Unlike the previous continuity).

However, that story was altered by the retconned origin story of Superman: Secret Origin, which replaces Man of Steel as Superman's origin in this continuity. In that story, Superman still develops his powers slowly, but he does become Superboy before adulthood.

Lex Luthor is a businessman, the CEO of LexCorp, who considers himself to own much of Metropolis. He has, however, shown the tendencies of a mad scientist, like his former incarnation. He was also president of the United States for a time.

Martha and Jonathan Kent did not die when Superman reached maturity, unlike the previous continuity. They continued to play a role in his life through adulthood.

Significant Events

  • New Krypton - Superman was able to restore Kandor to its full size. Soon after, the city left the planet to create a separate world, called New Krypton.

Comic Series & Stories

Significant Storylines in Chronological Order


  • The Man of Steel (mini-series) - Rebooted Superman, beginning this continuity. Subsequent comic stories continued directly from this one. Later retconned out of continuity.
  • Superman: Birthright (An origin for Superman, made to replace The Man of Steel as Superman's origin)
  • Superman: Secret Origin (A third, and final version of Superman's origin in this continuity. Replaces Birthright and Man of Steel, but incorporates elements of both, as well as other continuities.)

Later Adventures