Mighty Maid

Mighty Maid is a Superman story appearing in Action Comics #260.


A new super-hero shows up, supposedly from the 4th Dimension calling herself Mighty Maid. Superman is immediately smitten, and begins favoring her over Lois Lane, who is immediately jealous. However, Superman chooses Mighty Maid, and proposes to her. He then announces he's leaving Earth for the 4th dimension.

After the two leave, it's revealed that Mighty Maid is actually Supergirl, wearing a disguise. The whole affair was a ruse so that some aliens, who were planning to invade Earth to get revenge on Superman, would leave peacefully.



  • This is the second instance of a romance story between Superman and Supergirl. (Although the romance was a ruse in this story, the two are shown kissing each other a few times). The first was "The Girl of Steel", with the first Supergirl, wished into existence by Jimmy Olsen.
  • Another fake superhero appeared by the name of Mighty Lad, in the Superboy cartoon "Superboy Meets Mighty Lad". What the relationship between the two characters is is unknown.