The Midvale Orphanage was an orphanage in the town of Midvale. When Kara Zor-El arrived on Earth, Superman placed her in the orphanage, as a temporary home for her until she learns to use her powers. ("The Supergirl from Krypton")

While there, Kara strove to avoid being adopted, using her powers to discourage potential foster parents. The headmistress, Miss Hart, was kind to the children there and often put on shows for them. ("The Secret of the Super-Orphan!")

Many lost children from all over the area got sent to the Orphanage, including one found floating at sea. ("Supergirl's Darkest Day!")

Dark Knight Returns continuityEdit

Midvale Orphanage destroyed

The orphanage is destroyed.

Many years after Linda Lee had stayed there, the orphanage had become a government facility with electric fences, armed guards, and anti-aircraft cannons. Dick Wilson had become the headmaster. The orphanage was finally destroyed during the final war between the Superheroes and the Brainiac/Luthor government. ("Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again")

Known ResidentsEdit