Meteor Freaks, also occasionally known as Freaks of the Week, are minor supervillains who are created through exposure to Kryptonite, as from the Smallville Meteor Shower. They are the most frequent villains of Clark Kent in the television series Smallville, although some villains fitting the description appear in the comics as well.

Also quite frequently, they are high school students who become insane or evil once their powers manifest and use their abilities for murder, theft or otherwise just to look cool. These villians are nuissances to Clark, whose Kryptonian metabolism is often vulnerable to the Kryptonite absorbed in their bodies.

Known Meteor Freaks

The character's meteor-related powers will be in parentheses.



  • Chloe Sullivan - (Healing ability through tears)
  • Cyrus Krupp -(Healing others)
  • Buffy Sanders -(Vampire like powers,enhanced srtength,enhanced agility and speed,can turn others into vampires)
  • Sasha Woodman-(Bee control)
  • Tim Westcott-(Sand mimicry)
  • Jesse Watts-(Cold manipulation)
  • Maddie Van Horn-(Glass manipulation)
  • Tyler Crenshaw-(Cold manipulation)
  • Carly-(Heat manipulation)
  • Tempest Grace-(Weather manipulation)
  • Moira Sullivan-(Mind control over Meteor freaks)

Reign of the Superman

It is worth noting that Superman, in his original villainous depiction in the story Reign of the Superman, had many traits in common with Meteor Freaks. He gained his superpowers through the intake of a mysterious meteor rock, and seemingly became evil as a result. This is almost the definition of a Meteor Freak.

Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

In issue three of this series, Supergirl stops a strange red meteor, which shatters and falls everywhere in the town, giving people different super-powers. It is unknown if this meteor is Red Kryptonite or not. However, Supergirl quickly averted disaster through time travel, preventing this new meteor shower from ever having happened.