Mayson Drake
Debut "Church of Metropolis"
Portrayed by Farrah Forke
Classification Human

Mayson Drake was a recurring character from the Lois & Clark series and was played by Farrah Forke. Mayson was the D.A. of Metropolis and a love interest for Clark Kent. Unlike many in the city, Mayson detested Superman. However unlike Lex Luthor or the enemies who hated Superman because he thwarted their nefarious work, Mayson disliked Superman because he was to her a vigilante. However she had deep feelings for Clark.

Her first appearance was in Church of Metropolis, where Lois and Clark first learn of Intergang. Here they work together to bring down Intergang's latest plan. Unfortunately, Intergang knew of this, and planted a bomb in Drake's car which killed her. Clark attempted to save Drake but failed, and the explosion tore his clothes and partially exposed his Superman uniform. Mayson died shortly afterwards, but confided to Clark she should have known that an honorable man like him was indeed Superman, and the exposed secret died with her.

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