Debut Action Comics #645
(September 1989)
Created by Roger Stern and George Pérez
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Almeracian
Affiliation Justice League, Superman Revenge Squad
Abilities strength, speed, flight

Maxima is the princess of the planet Almerac. She has visited Earth many times, in an attempt to get Superman to mate with her. The two have battled in the past.

Powers and Abilities

Maxima displays several notable powers that are similar to those of Martians and Kryptonians alike.

Super Strength - Maxima is strong enough to easily lift and throw a car. She is easily in the same class as Superman and Wonder Woman, she can use her psionic abilities to push herself past those in her tier.

Super Speed - Maxima's speed is comparable to that of a Kryptonian and, like them, she is also able to perceive the world in super speed.

Super Durability - Maxima possesses a degree of durability, being tough enough to withstand shoves from a Kyrptonian and be equal to Superman. Her psionic abilities allow her to pass this as well.

Mind Control - Maxima can make herself nearly irresistible to any man after kissing them. She can control anyone, her limits are not known if there is any. Maxima was able to control Superman’s mind who possesses an indomitable will.

Optical Beams - She can easily teleport beings trillions of light years or stagger even Superman.

Psi-Bolts - Maxima has the ability to knock beings out with an invisible beam, she casually knocked out the New God Orion who can hold his own against Superman.

Avatar Creation - She can create avatars of herself that are not quite as powerful, but strong enough to hold her own against weaker beings like Wonder Woman or Superman.

Matter Manipulation - She can control matter to a unknown degree.

Ferrokinesis - She can control metal or form new things out of metals as well.

Telepathy - Maxima can read minds across the universe.

Hypnotic Gaze - She can stare at someone and freeze them in place, even someone as powerful as Superman.

Telekinesis - She is able to shift continental plates with her mind easily, as well as move other objects with a gesture of her hand or not if she choose to.

Mental Defense - She is completely immune to Brainiac trying to control her mind, even though he was at a cosmic level of power.

Possession - She can put her psychic consciousness into other bodies, her limit is unknown.

Flight - She can maneuver through the air and can easily fly through space as well.

Immortality - She cannot age, wither, or degrade in any way. Maxima doesn’t need to eat, drink, or sleep to live. She can also survive underwater and in space indefinitely.

Suspended Animation - Maxima can put herself into suspended animation if she wanted to.

Illusion Casting - She has created many versions of Superman and other beings with a thought. She also cast illusions into Superman’s mind of the possible future.

Endorphin Kiss - Maxima's kiss releases a powerful combination of endorphins and adrenalin that is fatal to humans if they are exposed for more than a few moments. Kryptonians, however, suffer no ill effects.

Teleportation Bracelet - In addition to these powers, Maxima also has access to a bracelet that allows her to instantaneously teleport between Earth and Almerac.

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