Despite Superman's status as the Sole Survivor of Krypton, a number of other superpowered heroes, either directly Kryptonian, partially Kryptonian, or non-Kryptonian but with some association to Superman, have appeared across his long history. Almost all of these wear the "S" shield in one form or another. Some of these are:

  • Supergirl: Pre-Crisis, Supergirl was Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from Argo City, a city that for a time had survived the destruction of Krypton until its residents died of kryptonite radiation. Post-Crisis, several unrelated versions of Supergirl have been introduced. In recent issues of Superman/Batman, a new "Supergirl from Krypton" (looking very much like the original) arrived on Earth.
  • Steel: An engineer genius named John Henry Irons who created a high-tech, mechanized suit of armor to fight crime in, after Superman's death in the Death of Superman storyline, and still serves as a superhero today. The title was later taken by his daughter.
  • Superboy: Pre-Crisis, Superboy was Superman's superhero identity as a teenager. Post-Crisis, Superboy is a clone, originally thought to have been of Superman, that was created after Superman died during the Death of Superman storyline. He soon found out that he was actually a hybrid of human and Kryptonian DNA, with half of his genetic material was from Paul Westfield, then director of Project Cadmus. However, in Teen Titans, it was revealed that the actual source of his human DNA came from Lex Luthor. Soon after, he died saving the world during Infinite Crisis.
  • Eradicator: Originally a strange Kryptonian device recovered by Superman, the Eradicator created the Fortress of Solitude as part of an attempt to establish Kryptonian civilization on Earth. Later, it gained more sentience, and has since become a hero in its own right.
  • Superwoman: Several versions of a Superwoman have appeared; often, she is Lois Lane, temporarily granted superpowers. Also a version of Superman from a different reality as seen the in Superman and Batman series.
  • Power Girl: A version of Supergirl from Earth-2.
  • Ariella Kent: The daughter of the Post-Crisis version of Superman and the Linda Danvers version of Supergirl. She operates in the 853rd century.
  • Strange Visitor: A childhood friend of Clark Kent's from Smallville, who gained Superman's electrical powers and wore his old containment suit from the period when he was an electrical being. She was later revealed to be the cosmic entity, Kismet.
  • Raya - Jor-El's former secretary from Krypton, trapped in the Phantom Zone. She later escaped from the zone to help a young Clark Kent for a short time. Only appeared in episodes of the television show Smallville.
  • Jason White - Lois Lane's son in the movie Superman Returns. During the course of the movie, he was revealed to have superpowers; it was revealed that his father was, in fact, Superman.
  • Equinox - The mysterious, magical son of Power Girl, born with no father during the Zero Hour crisis.
  • Superman X - A Clone of Superman, created in the 41st century by the robot K3NT to defend a crumbling earth against Imperiex. Although built on Superman's Kryptonian DNA, he has also been upgraded to include Kryptonite-based DNA and as such is not only resistant to it, but has Kryptonite-based powers.

Super-powered Pets

  • Krypto, the Superdog: Pre-Crisis, Krypto was the El family's pet dog on Krypton, who eventually wound up on Earth and gained superpowers like Superman's. Recent comics have introduced an updated version of Krypto; this version currently lives with Superboy (Kon-El).
  • Comet, the Superhorse: Supergirl's flying horse, originally a Centaur, but cursed to live as a full horse. At various times he has had romantic feelings for Supergirl. Post-Crisis, he was given a different, stranger history.
  • Streaky the Supercat: Supergirl's normal household cat, accidentally given superpowers by a new type of Kryptonite. Streaky regularly fights alongside Krypto in the animated series Krypto, the Superdog.
  • Whizzy: 30th century descendant of Streaky, the Supercat.


Not just normal supervillains, these have donned some version of Superman's costume and generally have his powers in some form; These are evil corruptions of Superman's fight for truth and justice.

  • Cyborg Superman - Originally an astronaut named Hank Henshaw, this is now an insane super-powered maniac who is a perfect clone of Superman with all his abilities; However, one half of his body is robotic, and has a variety of advanced abilities, including the control and manipulation of other technology.
  • Ultraman - An evil universe's equivalent of Superman.
  • Bizarro - An imperfect duplicate of Superman, with all of his feelings and memories; Unfortunately, his brain is undeveloped, leaving him unable to control himself properly.
  • Superboy-Prime - A version of Superman from Earth-Prime; He grew up on an earth where heroes exist only in comic books. After helping to save the universe in Crisis on Infinite Earths, he became obsessed with restoring his universe (which was lost in the battle), and slowly becomes evil. He later joins the Sinestro Corps.