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List of Doomsday's Deaths

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Doomsday Battle

This page is a listing of all the times that Doomsday has ever died, in every continuity.

Modern Age Continuity

Death Count: 6 + X (where X = The number of times he was killed as Baby by Bertron.)

Current Resistances gained through dying: Immune to energy beings, presumably immune to being beaten to death by Superman and Kryptonians, presumably immune to Imperiex's energy blasts, presumably immune to Green Lantern energy

New 52

Death Count: 1

Smallville Continuity

Death Count: 3

Superman: Doomsday Continuity

  • Killed by Superman in climactic battle, by falling from the upper atmosphere and being slammed into Metropolis. (Superman: Doomsday)

Death Count: 1

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