Supergirl (Linda Danvers)
Linda Danvers
Debut Supergirl Vol 4 #1 (September, 1996)
Created by Peter David; Gary Frank
Portrayed by see In other media
AKA Linda Danvers
Classification Human / Matrix
Affiliation Team Superman
Relatives Fred Danvers (father), Sylvia Danvers (mother)
Abilities Kryptonian Powers

Linda Danvers is apparently a normal human girl, who is in actuality the secret identity of Supergirl.


Kara Zor-El, upon landing on Earth, took the name Linda Lee, as her human identity. She wore a wig as Linda. ("The Supergirl from Krypton!")

When Linda was adopted from the Midvale Orphanage by the Danvers family, she took on their last name, becoming 'Linda Danvers.


This Linda Danvers was a real human girl. Her life was saved by Supergirl, who merged with her to save her life. (Supergirl (1996))

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