Lightning Lad
Lightning Lad
AKA Garth Ranzz
Classification Winath
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes
Relatives Mekt Ranzz, brother; Ayla Ranzz, sister
Abilities electricity

Lightning Lad, alternatively known as Live Wire and also known by his real name as Garth Ranzz, is a superhero from the planet Winath living in the 31st Century. He's one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, along with Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl.


Lightning Lad has the ability to generate superhuman amounts of electricity, much like his brother Lightning Lord and his sister, Ayla Ranzz.



He was among the three who invited Superboy to join the team. ("The Legion of Super-Heroes!")

Many years later, his son had taken over as Lightening Lad. Along with the sons of Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl, this new Lightening Lad traveled to the past to invite Supergirl to join the ranks of the Legion. However, she failed her entrance test. ("The Three Super-Heroes!")