Letitia Lerner
Letitia Lerner
Debut Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1
(June 1999)
Created by Kyle Baker, Elizabeth Glass
AKA Superman's babysitter
Classification Human
Affiliation Smallville

Letitia Lerner is a teenaged girl from Smallville. She wears a Smallville High School letter jacket, and is presumably a student.

She is hired by Martha and Jonathan Kent to babysit an infant Clark Kent after an elderly Martha had been unable to leave the house in six months. Letitia is left alone with Clark while the Kents spend a few hours at a nearby motel.

While watching TV, Letitia hears a crash, and finds that Clark has gotten out of his crib by way of a large hole in the floor. Thinking him crushed beneath the bolder that had been holding him in his crib, Letitia attempts to lift the rock just as Clark knocks some books from the bookshelf on her head one story above.

Letitia follows Clark through several antics as the night goes on, at one point assuring Martha over the phone that she has everything under control. Clark's wake of destruction ends in the middle if the highway, as he's fallen asleep amongst the oncoming traffic.

Finally making her way home with the baby, Letitia removes some chicken from the microwave, into which Clark has crawled and becomes irradiated. Returning to a wrecked house, the Kents as offer to pay double and ask if Letitia is available next week.

Letitia only made this one appearance in an Elseworlds story titled "Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter."