L-Ron is Brainiac's robotic lackey, He appears to be utterly loyal and helpful to Brainiac, despite Brainiac's cruel treatment of him. He appears in the aborted Superman movie script, Superman Lives.

L-Ron's origins are unknown, as he appears along with Brainiac in the beginning of the movie. He carries out Brainiac's orders throughout the entire movie.

In the final scene, L-Ron finds the remnant of the Brainiac symbol on the ground, after Brainiac was destroyed. He picks up the symbol, and looks directly at the audience, saying "Yeah, I know. But I'm a glutton for punishment."

Dwight Ewell (who played Hooper X in Chasing Amy) was considered portraying him. Its no coincidence considering his friend Kevin Smith wrote the script.

In the comics, L-Ron (full name L-Ron H*bb*rd) is the robot companion of intergalactic trader Manga Khan. He eventually became a member of the Justice League (mostly working on administration and maintenance).