Kryptonite Varietals

An early chart of a few of the many varietals of Kryptonite that exist.

Kryptonite Varietals are the different types of Kryptonite that exist. Many of them have effects on Kryptonians, often harmful.

Known Types

  • Green Kryptonite - causes weakness, nausea, pain, and lack of powers in Kryptonians. Sometimes grants humans superpowers, turning them into Meteor Freaks.
  • Red Kryptonite - Has an unpredictable, different effect on Kryptonians every time. In Smallville, it removes Kryptonian inhibitions, similiar to inebriation.
  • Gold Kryptonite - Removes Kryptonian powers. Pre-crisis, the power-loss is permanent; post-crisis, it lasts for a short amount of time.
  • Blue Kryptonite - Deadly to Bizarros. Generally has no effect on Kryptonians. In some versions, it removes Kryptonian powers.
  • Black Kryptonite - Separates Kryptonians into two beings; one based on the "good" side of their personality, and another on the evil side. The two may then fight.
  • White Kryptonite - Deadly only to plant life, of any world.
  • Pink Kryptonite - Seeminly creates homosexuality in Kryptonians. It is unknown what it would do to an already homosexual Kryptonian.
  • X-Kryptonite - A modified form created by Supergirl in her scientific experiments. Responsible for granting Streaky the Supercat his powers.