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Jonathan Samuel Kent
Rebirth superboy design
Debut Convergence: Superman #2 (July, 2015)
Created by Dan Jurgens, Lee Weeks
AKA Jon White, Jon Smith, Superboy
Classification Human/Kryptonian
Relatives Superman (father), Lois Lane (mother), Supergirl (cousin, once removed), Sam Lane (maternal grandfather), Jor-El (paternal grandfather), Lara Lor-Van (paternal grandmother), Martha and Jonathan Kent (adoptive paternal grandparents)
Abilities developing strength, heat vision, some invulnerability
For other uses, see Jonathan Kent (disambiguation)

Jonathan Kent is the firstborn son of Kryptonian superhero Superman and news reporter Lois Lane.


When the Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths reality find themselves in the post-Flashpoint reality after the Convergence event, it becomes necessary for them to adopt a different last name from their counterparts in that reality (who eventually met their own demise). They initially use "White" (beginning in Superman: Lois & Clark), possibly as an homage to their Daily Planet boss Perry White. They later use the more generic "Smith" (Superman vol 4).

Jon's first name is after his paternal adoptive grandfather, Jonathan Kent (deceased), and his middle name comes from his maternal grandfather, Sam Lane.


Jonathan was born during the Convergence event after both his and his mother's lives were jeopardized by the Flashpoint universe's Kal-El. Superman managed to get his family into safety with the assistance of the Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) who aided Superman in the delivery of his son.

When the one responsible for said cataclysm had a change of heart, Lois and Jon accompanied his father to the first Crisis in order to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing, a mission that proved successful. After such odyssey, Jon and his parents ended up strayed in a different Earth than the one they came from, to which they were forced to overcome and adapt to have a fulfilling life. Going undercover while adopting the surname White.

Coming of Age

Jon grew oblivious of his parent's past, being deprived of their real identities while living an apparently normal life, but he was always suspicious of their sometimes awkward behaviour, and always showed curiosity for, unbeknown to him, his father's secret exploits.

Powers and Abilities

  • Invulnerability: Jon has demonstrated an invulnerability to fire
  • Superhuman Strength: Jon has the strength to at the very least break free from ropes
  • Heat Vision: In heated anger, Jon has accidentally unleashed heat vision

Recommended Reading

  • Convergence: Superman #2
  • Superman: Lois and Clark (Volume 1)
  • Superman Rebirth
  • Superman (June) (2016)
  • Supersons (Volume 1) (September) (2016)

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