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Jason White
Jason White
Debut Superman Returns
Created by Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris
Portrayed by Tristan Lake Leabu
Classification half human, half Kryptonian
Relatives Superman (father), Lois Lane (mother), Richard White (step-father)
Abilities super strength

Jason White is a little boy who is the son of Lois Lane and Richard White. Despite Lois claiming Richard to be his father, there is strong evidence that Superman is actually Jason's father since Jason has displayed certain Kryptonian powers. He appears in the film, Superman Returns.


Jason White is presented as the son of Lois Lane and her fiancé, Richard White. When first seen, Jason has asthma and is a "fragile" child according to his mother, who at one point rattles off a list of the different medications her son has to take.

While investigating Lex Luthor's yacht with Jason, the two are abducted by Luthor himself. When Luthor brings out some Kryptonite, Jason appears faintly weak, inspiring Lex to ask Lois who the child's father is. Lois informs him that it is Richard. Luthor then holds the kryptonite much closer to Jason, but it produces no apparent effects on Jason. Luthor seems to shrug off his suspicions.

Not long after, Luthor's henchman Brutus brutally attacks Lois, only to be suddenly crushed to death by a grand piano which flew horizontally across the room, yet was several steps down and not on wheels. The camera pans over to Jason who has his hands extended. Jason had thrown the piano proving that he is really Superman's son. He had been frightened and out of breath just moments before, but afterwards produces his inhaler only to realize he doesn't need it.

When informed of his henchman's rather odd death Lex's first question is, "Where's the boy?" suggesting that he suspects Jason' to actually being Superman's son, not Richard's as Lois insists. Lois and Jason are then thrown into a locked pantry, when Lois asks if he can help with the door, Jason says, "I'm sorry". After Lois tries for several frantic minutes to break the door open, Jason approaches the door as she watches with bated breath. At that moment, Richard arrives and opens the door from the other side.

While Superman is comatose, Lois confesses she has something to tell him, and whispers in his ear while glancing at Jason. After recovering, Superman visits Jason late one night while the boy is sleeping in his bed, and, standing over him, delivers the familiar soliloquy that his own father (Jor-El) gave to him in the original Superman film, slightly modified. This speech ends with the line "the son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son."

Powers and Abilities

Jason demonstrated super strength in the Film Superman Returns. 

Jason also exhibited enhanced vision, when he spotted Superman from a plane, while Superman was underwater, Superman having been stabbed by Lex Luthor, and fallen into the ocean after said stabbing.


Step-Father (Richard White)

Mother (Lois Lane)

Biological Father (Superman)

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