Jason Teague
Debut Smallville, Season 4
Created by Smallville producers
Portrayed by Jensen Ackles
Classification Human

Jason Teague was a student at Central Kansas A&M, and former assistant football coach at Smallville High School. He was also Lana Lang's boyfriend during her senior year of high school.


A love interest for Lana. The pair meet in Paris, while Lana is studying abroad. When she leaves unexpectedly in the season four episode "Gone", Jason follows Lana back to Smallville and takes a position as the school's assistant football coach. In season four’s "Transference", Jason is fired from the school when his relationship with Lana comes to light. By the end of the fourth season, it is revealed that he has been working with his mother Genevieve (Jane Seymour) to locate the three stones of knowledge — three Kryptonian stones that when united form a single crystal that creates Clark’s Fortress of Solitude. The Teagues kidnap Lex and Lionel in an effort to discover the location of one of the stones in the episode "Forever", with Lionel claiming that Lana has one of the stones. In the season four finale, Genevieve confronts Lana, and the two women get into a struggle with Genevieve dying by Lana’s hand. Jason, who believes that the secret of the stones lies with Clark, heads to the Kent farm where he holds Jonathan and Martha hostage. He is killed during the second meteor shower, when a meteor falls through the Kent home and lands on him.