Jamie Sawyer
Jamie Sawyer - Superman 15
Debut Superman #15 (March 1988)
Created by John Byrne
Classification Human
Relatives Maggie Sawyer (mother)
James Sawyer (father)

Jamie Sawyer is the daughter of Maggie Sawyer and James Sawyer. She has lived with her father in Star City since her parents divorced when she was very young.

Jamie was introduced in Superman #15 (March 1988) when Maggie receives a call from her ex-husband, that Jamie decided to travel on her own to visit her mother 3,000 miles away in Metropolis. While on her own in the city, Jamie is abducted by Skyhook, a creature who transforms children into winged mutants. Maggie and Superman eventually discover Skyhook's lair where Jamie and the other children are freed, but not before Jamie has been exposed to a process that gives her what appears to be a skin condition.

Later, in Superman #34 (August 1989), Jamie's father brings her to Project Cadmus to undergo treatment for her condition, where she shares the company of other children who have been infected by Skyhook. While there, the children are summoned by Skyhook, leading Maggie, James, and Superman to his hideout in the sewer. Following Skyhook's defeat, the children return to normal.

Jamie and her father visit Maggie several years later in Metropolis S.C.U. while James is in town to receive an award for law enforcement. They stay in Maggie's home, which has recently been vacated by Maggie's girlfriend Toby Raynes while they take a break from their relationship. Despite Maggie's time being largely occupied by the case she's working on, Jamie is enamored with her mother, seeing her as a hero. She also shares a close relationship with Toby, who spends time with Jamie while her parents attend the award ceremony together.

Following the Flashpoint event, Jamie is again a younger child, first seen in Batwoman #27 (March 2014). Maggie and James share custody of Jamie, who visits with her mother in Gotham City and unexpectedly encounters her girlfriend, Kate Kane. Realizing the dangers that Kate brings to their personal lives, the meeting prompts Maggie to urge Kate to see a therapist for PTSD.

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