It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman is the title of a broadway musical based on Superman. It made its stage debut in 1966. It has since been made into a television special, and in 2010 a heavily re-imagined version of the play appeared in Texas, based on the golden age version of the character, but incorporating mythos from later Superman media.


Broadway version
  • Max Mencken - Jack Cassidy
  • Dr. Abner Sedgwick- Michael O' Sullivan
  • Lois Lane- Patricia Marand
  • Jim Morgan - Don Chastain
  • Sydney - Linda Lavin
  • The Flying Lings
    • Father Ling - Jerry Fujikawa
    • Joe Ling - Joseph Gentry
    • Ming Foo Ling - Michael Gentry
    • Tai Ling - Murphy James
    • Fan Po Ling - Juleste Salve
    • Dong Ling - Bill Starr
  • and Bob Holiday as Superman and Clark Kent
2010 version[1]
  • Clark Kent/Superman - Matt Cavenaugh
  • Maxwell Menken - Patrick Cassidy
  • Lois Lane - Zakiya Young
  • Sydney Sharp - Jennifer Powers
  • Joseph "Torchy" Carter - Andrew Keenan-Bolger
  • Miss Marilyn Nessbit - Cara Statham Serber
  • Emily Emerson - Addi McDaniel
  • Sombra, the Scarlet Widow/Ma/Matron Bumble - Julie Johnson
  • Kazam - Matthew J. Kilgore
  • Jack-in-the-Box - Paul Taylor
  • Blackbird/Clark's Kryptonian Mother - Kate Wetherhead
  • Jupiter James - Kent Zimmerman
  • Perry White/Clark's Kryptonian Father - Hassan El-Amin
  • Mayor Siegel/Dr. Sedgwick/Pa - Sean Hennigan
  • Cadabra - Cedric Neal
  • Court Jester/Roy Randell/Beppo - Bob Hess
  • Tank Tanner - Chris Klink

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