Investigating Lois Lane: The Turbulent History of the Daily Planet's Ace Reporter
Investigating Lois Lane
Written by Tim Hanley
Published March 1, 2016
Length 288 pages
ISBN 978-1613733325

Investigating Lois Lane: The Turbulent History of the Daily Planet's Ace Reporter is a critical assessment of Lois Lane.


In a universe full of superheroes, Lois Lane has fought for truth and justice for over 75 years on page and screen without a cape or tights. From her creation by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938 to her forthcoming appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, from helming her own comic book for twenty-six years to appearing in animated serials, live-action TV shows, and full-length movies, Lois Lane has been a paragon of journalistic integrity and the paramour of the world's strongest superhero. But her history is one of constant tension. From her earliest days, Lois yearned to make the front page of the Daily Planet, but was held back by her damsel-in-distress role. When she finally became an ace reporter, asinine lessons and her tumultuous romance with Superman dominated her storylines for decades and relegated her journalism to the background. Through it all, Lois remained a fearless and ambitious character, and today she is a beloved icon and an inspiration to many. Though her history is often troubling, Lois's journey, as revealed in Investigating Lois Lane, showcases her ability to always escape the gendered limitations of each era and of the superhero genre as a whole.


  1. The Ambitious Sob Sister
    1a Joe Shuster's Lost Lois
  2. Lois Lane on Screen, Part 1
    2a A Real-Life L.L.
  3. Sharing the Spotlight
    3a Corporal Punishment
  4. Romantic Rivals
    4a Cry for Help
  5. Lois Lane's Brief Feminist Revolution
    5a The Antifeminist Rebuttal
  6. As the Daily Planet Turns
    6a Women Writers
  7. Lois Lane on Screen, Part 2: Movies
    7a Parodies and Homages
  8. A Whole New World
    8a Lucy Lane, Riot Grrrl
  9. Lois Lane on Screen, Part 3: Television
    9a Animation Representation
  10. Watching from the Sidelines
    10a The New 52 and Beyond
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • Source Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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