Gary Frank (b. 1969) is a comic book artist who began his professional career in 1991. Writer Geoff Johns has noted that Frank's rendition of Superman is the best of his generation and that the only other artist in the same league is Curt Swan.[1]

Frank's earliest work on Superman was in 2007, working on Action Comics. His rendition of the Man of Steel takes considerable inspiration from Christopher Reeve:

"The influence of Christopher Reeve’s iteration of Superman in your work is very obvious. Did you go back and watch his movies again and again for inspiration and to study specific details, like facial expressions and physical traits?"
"I did watch them again but I just remembered virtually every scene. There were a lot scenes where Christopher Reeve didn’t appear that were completely new when I went back and watched it, but the actual things that he did were just so memorable. It felt like one of those movies which you’ve watched 100 times. And I’ve probably watched “Superman: The Movie” three times. Or four times, maybe. But it’s just that the performance he gave was just so… it just really resonates. It’s such a wonderful performance and impossible to forget."[2]


Superman: Secret Origin
Origin of...
Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Superman: Brainiac
Superman: New Krypton and Superman: World of New Krypton
Wizard Magazine #191
Supergirl (1996)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice General Mills tie-in
Convention art


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