Krypto Mouse

Pre-Crisis Krypto Mouse.

Fuzzy, also known as the Krypto Mouse, was an ordinary mouse who accidentally gained super-powers and joined Superman's fight for truth and justice in a few different continuities.

Pre-Crisis ContinuityEdit

Fuzzy was a mouse owned by a little boy. He got free and wandered into a scientist's lab, where he was accidentally exposed to Kryptonite radiation. He then mutated, taking on a humanoid form, along with all the powers of Superboy. He went back to his owner, who gave him a Superboy halloween costume and encouraged him to fight crime. Eventually, however, his powers wore off. ("The Amazing Adventures of Krypto Mouse")

Superman Family AdventuresEdit

Fuzzy was one of Lex Luthor's pets, and was accidentally exposed to a ray which drained Krypto's power during a battle with LexBots. He gained Krypto's powers and subsequently joined Superman's team after Luthor was defeated. ("The Adventures Begin")

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