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Superman Beyond #1 is the first issue of a 2-part comic book mini-series that served as a tie-in to DC Comics' storyline event Final Crisis. It was originally solicited as part of August 2008's comics solicitations.

  • Written by Grant Morrison
  • Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
  • Covers by Doug Mahnke and J.H. Williams III

The description for the comic as originally solicited is as follows:

To save the woman he loves, the greatest hero of all time becomes the pawn of ultra-dimensional forces when a wounded emissary from a world of doomed super gods comes to Earth on the eve of the Final Crisis. His mission: To recruit Superman’s help against an epic, reality-spanning menace that originated in the Crisis on Infinite Earths!
Join the Man of Steel and his alternate-earth counterparts for a mind-blowing voyage to the edge of the DC Universe — and beyond! Can these super champions overcome their differences to beat the clock, find the ultimate treasure and save all existence from extinction?

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