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Evil Superman

Superman's Evil Persona was a separate being that was created from Superman, due to exposure to Synthetic Kryptonite which temporarily separated him into two beings. Apparently, most of his unpleasant characteristics were imbued on his evil twin, who acted without morals or care for others.("Superman III")


As Evil Superman, the suit took on significantly darker color scheme. His overall appearance also deteriorated due to poor maintenance.

This character exists in the films continuity only.


When Gus Gorman created synthetic "Kryptonite" on the behalf of Ross Webster, Superman reacted unexpectedly to the mineral. Over time, Superman focused more on destructive acts as opposed to working for the well-being of the people. The depressed Superman began to spend his time on bars, drinking heavily. Finally, the corrupted Superman's good side (Clark Kent), emerged and defeated him in a showdown, returning back to normal.


Crusade Split

In Smallville, Jor-El turned Clark into Kal-El. While he is not technically evil, Clark as Kal-El showed no regard for humanity and cared very little about other people. Martha Kent used a chunk of Black Kryptonite to bring back regular Clark. Is notable for having a fully developed ability to fly, something Clark could not conciously do for several years afterwards. 

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