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Eve Teschmacher
Debut Superman: The Movie
Created by Mario Puzio
Portrayed by Valerie Perrine
AKA Ms. Teschmacher
Classification Human
Affiliation Lex Luthor
Abilities None
Eve Teschmacher was a character in Superman: The Movie, and Superman II. She is Lex Luthor's assistant and perhaps girlfriend.

Superman: The Movie


Ms. Teschmacher acts as a supporter to both Luthor and Superman. Despite being Luthor's apparent girlfriend, she has feelings for Superman, and she later saves him from drowning after Luthor outsmarts him. She also kisses him. (Superman: The Movie)

She is the only person to kiss him in the movie.

Superman II

She helps Lex to escape prison by flying a balloon over the prison with a rope ladder. Lex climbs out, and together they go to the arctic where they enter Superman's Fortress of Solitude. There, they learn about the three Kryptonian villains led by General Zod in the Phantom Zone. (Superman II)

Superman: Red Son

Eve Teschmacher was Luthor's secretary, and it was she who admitted people to see him. ("Superman: Red Son")

She appears off-panel in the comic, constituting a brief cameo.


Tess Mercer

Tess Mercer may be a version of Ms. Teschmacher, due to the similar name and her her status as Luthor's second in command. Her character may be merged with that of Mercy Graves.

In season 8, Tess Mercer has taken over Lex's job and place in the mansion. She is also the new editor of the Daily Planet.

However, her full name was revealed to be Lutessa Lena Luthor, making her Lex Luthor's sister, Lena Luthor.

Superman Family Adventures

Teschmacher SFA

Eve Teschmacher is once again working with Lex Luthor and Otis, when they catch a strange purple meteor that later turns Otis into the Parasite. (Superman Family Adventures)

She seems to have much the same role for Lex as she did in Superman: The Movie continuity.


In professional wrestling, the female wrestling characters "Eve Torres" and "Miss Tessmacher", formerly WWE Diva's Champion and TNA Knockouts Champion respectively, both served in "sexy secretary" roles under evil men (John Laurinaitas and Eric Bischoff) in the year leading up to their becoming champions.

Torres also went on to try and seduce John Cena, who is such an all-powerful babyface he is regularly referred to as the "Superman" of the WWE.


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