Adventures of Superman
Season 6, Episode 12
Air date April 21, 1958
Written by Robert Leslie Bellem
Whitney Ellsworth
Directed by George Reeves
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Daily Planet editor Perry White's secretary Ethel has just called the chief. A most unusual person wants to see him. White, exasperated with all the mystery and cub reporter Jimmy Olsen's bumbling, allows the insistent visitor to enter his office. He, Lois Lane and Jimmy are surprised by what they see. The man is wearing a mask made of lead. He is discussing his intentions as Clark Kent enters the room. Since the Planet and Superman were responsible for his incarceration, he and his ten other similarly disguised men will exact their revenge on the Man of Steel by trapping his friends in differently creative ways. His mask is locked on, and only the ringleader has a key. With no way for Superman to identify his enemy, the caped hero will have to discover other means to stop him before Perry, Lois and Jimmy find themselves in grave peril. Clark Kent is immersed in a vat of acid, but changes to Superman and saves Jimmy Olsen in a runaway car headed for a cliff and Perry White who is nearly sawn in half while tied to a log. Meanwhile Lois has been tied to railway tracks and gagged with a speeding train bearing down on her. However Superman unties her just before the train hits her.


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