Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 4, Episode 15
Air date March 9, 1997
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Directed by Chris Long
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With Clark trapped in a dimensional window, Lois and H.G. Wells must recruit the alternate, less experienced Clark in a desperate attempt to stop Tempus once and for all.

Summary (Part Two of Two Parter)Edit

After the events of Clark vanishing through the time window, Lois looks outside and sees flags of John Doe and realise Tempus' evil reign has begun.

Lois calls Jonathan and Martha Kent and tells them about Clark's disappearance, Perry then phones her asking for an interview with John Doe.

In his suite, Tempus who is now with former President Garner hires a serial killer called Dragon to act as assistant to him and begins making plans to do a "non phone act" which is the main source of how he gets his subliminal messages across, making it illegal not to use the phone.

He then pushes one of Garner's men out of the window and brainwashes Garner to say: "He did a very wise thing."

At the Daily Planet while Lois is on her way to see Tempus, she bumps into H.G Wells in the lift, she tells him that Tempus has broke out of prison and is now the new president of the U.S.A

He then tells her that he is here because the Utopia where Andrus came from has turned evil and corruptive.

After Lois explains to him about the time window, Wells says that Clark is not present in time and it would seem impossible to bring him back and if he is not found in the next 48 hours, Superman would cease to exist forever.

Meanwhile Superman is stuck in the fractured time window, desperately trying to get out.

At Tempus' suite Lois confronts Tempus and shows how angry she is about what he did to Clark and says that if she was immune to his brainwashing, then others would be too.

Tempus sneers and says that the only other person is Clark, but says that he isn't living anymore.

Lois continues saying that Clark was returning and he can't plunge the world into darkness forever.

Back and Clark and Lois' house, H.G Wells brings someone familar back, who Lois, Jonathan and Martha all think is their Clark but it turns out to be the Superman that Lois created in the "Tempus Anyone" Episode.

H.G Wells says that even though he is not their Clark, that the world still needs Superman, he then goes off to his time machine only to be captured by Tempus who assumes Wells has just arrived.

Tempus drives by in a limo, gets out and starts making a speech outside the presidential mansion talking about his "non phone act".

He then procedes in killing two men who don't own phones, but alternate Superman saves them just in time.

From this both Lois and Clark find out that there were more people who didn't have phones and were killed for it, which means Tempus has been sending subliminal messages through the phone system and both set out in different directions to find what they need with alternate Superman amazed with how well Lois and her Clark work together.

After finding out that the alternate Superman is here, Tempus relocates in an abandoned fall out shelter lined with lead and orders Wells to send him back or be killed.

Wells smugly says that he has adjusted the time machine so that only he can operate it (just like Andrus said before him).

Furious, Tempus grabs him by the collar and says that he is finding another way to spread his subliminal messages and that now he is his captive, he can't give him away or use the time machine to escape.

He then gives him to Dragon for harsh treatment.

Back at Lois and Clark's house Lois and alternate Clark share champagne and talk about their finds, they almost share a kiss and feel dreadful about it afterwards. Lois panics, but alternate Clark assures her that it will never happen again

At the fallout shelter Dragon is seen throwing knives at Wells. Tempus returns saying that he has found a way to operate his subliminator while bypassing the phone system by sending it through ordinary electrical wiring by an online receiver called "Tempus Think."

He says a message into his microphone and tells Wells to turn on a nearby light switch. Wells does and ends up saying exactly the same message that Tempus says.

Tempus laughs evilly and tells Wells that he is now virtually unstoppable.

Back at Lois and Clark's house, Lois has dreams about Clark and can't sleep, alternate Clark can't sleep either and attempts to use his X ray vision to spy on Lois in the bedroom, but feels awful afterwards.

Lois tells him about her Clark getting closer to disappearing and that alternate Clark's feelings are meant for his alternate Lois, but he tells her that she disappeared while doing an assignment in the Congo.

After deciding to get them both a midnight snack, Lois goes to the kitchen and switches on a light. In doing so she activates one of Tempus' subliminal messages, alternate Clark follows the wiring in the house and they find out together that Tempus is sending his message through the electrical wiring. Alternate Clark changes into Superman and sets out to find the source.

Meanwhile Wells calls Lois and says that she will meet him as soon as the time machine warms up, he then knocks out Dragon and precedes to escape in the machine. But Tempus follows him and jumps in the machine before it disappears.

Tempus takes Lois captive and back to the fallout shelter.

Wells tells Lois that if they knew the precise moment of when the time window exploded, they may find Clark, but poor Lois says that there was so much going on and she barely even knows what day it was.

Tempus appears and says that alternate Superman is only thorn in his side, but if he's fond of Lois he can easily be captured.

Lois says that he is out here finding his subliminator and once that was gone, so would his reign of evil.

Tempus responds by getting the country's nuclear launch codes from Garner who says that if alternate Superman succeeds, they will send a missile strike against every capital on Earth.

Tempus says if the world no longer wants him, then he no longer wants it, he'll leave them to die and go and rule the alternate Earth while leaving the alternate Superman "a hero to a lifeless planet."

Alternate Superman, still following Tempus' transmition arrives at the control room, finds the subliminater and destroys it once and for all with his laser vision.

Unfortunately an alarm build into Tempus' microphone goes off, angrily he flings it to the floor and says he isn't defeated yet.

He picks up the suitcase that has the nuclear Launch codes, Lois tries to get Garner to arrest him, but Tempus sneers and says it is way too late and begins typing on his computer.

When alternate Superman returns, he finds out that Lois has been captured by Tempus and goes to the Daily Planet to ask Jimmy Olsen information on fallout shelters.

Tempus is still typing in the launch codes, Lois persuades him to give up and go the alternate universe, but Tempus says that he will only be returned to prison and he wants to kill billions of people. He finally succeeds and the countdown begins.

While alternate Clark and Jimmy are still trying to find fallout shelters, the newsman announces that Tempus is sending missiles to targets around the world.

Alternate Superman arrives just in time, smashing the PC which interupts the countdown, he then grabs Tempus by the collar and says he is hereby "impeached."

All of a sudden the subliminater effects wear off and Garner orders his men to take Tempus and Dragon away.

Dragon makes a bargain with Lois by giving her Tempus' broken watch that stopped at the time when the window exploded.

Lois then sets off in time with Wells to go the exact time he has chosen to find Clark who is in the now smaller time window, they succeed and Clark is finally rescued at last.

At the Presidential mansion, alternate Superman explains Tempus' behaviour to the reporters and photographers saying that he will return to prison where he will do no further damage.

In one last spiteful attempt to humiliate Superman, Tempus tells the crowd that Clark Kent is Superman, but fortunately at that same moment, Lois is seen holding hands with her Clark Kent with Wells by their side, saying that Tempus is still crazy.

Alternate Superman arranges for Garner's men to take Tempus away, Clark and Lois grin and watch Tempus while he is still saying that Clark Kent is Superman and that one of them is from another dimension, thus making the crowd think he is a mad man.

Back at Lois and Clark's house, both Clarks shake hands and Lois tells alternate Clark and Wells how grateful she is that they helped out. Alternate Clark tells Clark that he is the luckiest man alive and if he had found his Lois things would be much more better for him.

Wells responds by saying that he may be able to find her after all and leaves the house with Lois and Clark to hugging each other and Lois saying that she will never let him go and Clark says that alternate Clark is right about him being the luckiest man alive.


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  • Final appearance of Tempus and H.G. Wells
  • Final "Lois and Clark" two part episode
  • The Utopian future was never seen in any episodes with Tempus, only mentioned.
  • Probably when Superman came back, Andrus reappeared and Utopia was restored again, even though it wasn't mentioned in the episode.