Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 4, Episode 1
Air date September 22, 1996
Written by Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Directed by Philip Sgriccia
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As Clark takes up the throne of New Krypton, Lord Nor travels to Earth and captures Clark's parents.


As Clark goes to meet with the Kryptonian Council in the "Floating Palace" (a space ship) and marry Zara, Lord Nor learns he will have superpowers on Earth and goes to Smallville to begin ruling over what he calls New New Krypton. Meanwhile, Lois is able to get Ching to smuggle her into the palace to see Clark. They learn that Nor has taken over Smallville and made all the people slaves. So Clark and Lois become slaves to and try to save the starving people. But when Nor learns that Kal-El is there, he threatens to kill Jonathon and Martha Kent if Kal-El does not give up his throne and disappear forever.


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