Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 3, Episode 11
Air date December 17, 1995
Written by William M. Akers
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage
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When Superman is infected with a kryptonite virus, the only possible cure is to stop his heart, in the hope that the virus will 'die' if it believes he is already dead.


Both Clark's and Lois's parents are in Metropolis for the holidays and so is Mindy Church, who wants to restart Intergang, so infects Superman with a Kryptonian virus. Lois begs her father, who hasn't practiced actual medicine in fifteen years to try to treat Superman. Sam diagnoses Superman with a viral infection and the only way he can think of to cure Superman is an extremely controversial treatment. The idea of it is to bring his body to the point of death so that the body can no longer support the virus and the virus dies off and then resuscitating the host body. Superman agrees to the procedure and he and Lois over the phone, procure a sample of Kryptonite from the STAR Labs vault which is the only way to all but kill Superman. The procedure is successful and Superman recovers in time to save his parents and Lois from death by a rigged microwave in Lois' apartment.


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