Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date February 12, 1995
Written by Tony Blake
Paul Jackson
Directed by Philip Sgriccia
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Lois and Clark's first date is hampered by the recent resurrection of Lex Luthor thanks to Doctor Gretchen Kelly.


In a underground cavern under Metropolis, Dr. Gretchen Kelly with Nigel St. John (Lex Luthor's former P.A) are attempting to bring Lex Luthor back from the dead.

Gretchen tells Nigel that bringing Luthor back has been a struggle since the episode " A Bolt From The Blue".

She attempts to stabilize his electro magnetic field or all is lost, she tries but it seems all has failed.

Suddenly one of Lex Luthor's hands smash through his cyro glass chamber and Gretchen and Nigel stare in awe as Luthor removes the lid and rises naked looking up at them.

At the Daily Planet, Clark is daydreaming about Lois and asks her out for the first time on a date, they find out that Gretchen and Nigel have been meeting secretly and Clark with his extended vision sees Sheldon Bender (Luthor's former attorney) on a piece of paper in Gretchen's hands. They set out to investigate.

Meanwhile Lex Luthor now clothed is going through his accounts and finds out that Bender has taken away his entire fortune.

He tells the others that he needs to get his hands on Kryptonite.

He then asks Nigel to arrange "a little meeting" with Bender and to find out about Lois Lane.

After talking with Gretchen, Luthor finds out that he is losing his hair, Gretchen tells him that his body had been through a tremendous ordeal and that the side effects were temporary.

Outside his building Bender is captured by Ramine (Nigel's partner) and is held at gunpoint by Gretchen in a van.

Lois and Clark see what is happening and Superman arrives on the scene only to find the van empty, not realizing that they have escaped underground.

Nigel and the others take him to Luthor who emerges from the shadows now completely bald and Bender stares in disbelief.

Luthor attempts to lower Bender into a rat pit unless he tells him how to get his money back.

Bender then tells Luthor that he knows someone who can get him Kryptonite, Luthor then lets him go.

At the Daily Planet, Clark and Lois attempt to solve why Bender was kidnapped and decide to find Bobby Bigmouth for information.

Lois later meets Luthor disguised as an old man and after helping him across the street, Nigel finds him and Luthor says that he will allow Lois to come back to him willingly or else he'll take her by force.

At the Metropolis Prison, Luthor, Bender and Nigel see Rollie Vale (from "Metallo" episode) who now has a robotic left arm and make a deal of half a million dollars and Vale's freedom for the Kryptonite.

At the Daily Planet, Perry White sits down in his chair only to find a bomb attached to it and a note saying: "One Move and KaBoom" put there by Luthor who is disguised as a cleaner.

Thanks to Superman, Perry is rescued from the bomb, but finds out later on that he was a distraction while Luthor and the others made off with equipment to set Vale free.

Lois later meets Luthor again who removes his old man disguise. He tells her that he still has feelings for her and they should be together again.

Lois refuses, but hesitates when Luthor even asks her to call the police and leaves him saying that he's suffered enough.

At the Daily Planet, Perry asks Lois and Clark to do undercover spying on Bender who is on his yacht to find info on Luthor, Lois and Clark then go and stay at a hotel near where the yacht is and have an "almost first date."

Next Morning Lois and Clark find out that Bender is making a deal with someone and go to see him straight away.

But Bender is shot in the neck by Nigel and before Lois and Clark get on board, he is dead.

After finding out that Bender scheduled Vale for a further court hearing, they later follow Ramene to Luthor's hidden underground lair and find a map that shows what route Vale is being transferred and Luthor will break him out.

Clark tells Lois to go to their jeep while he goes and calls the police (thus changing into Superman), unfortunately before Lois can leave, she is captured by Gretchen.

Meanwhile Luthor and Nigel detonate a bomb on a chosen car, thus causing a fire as a distraction for Superman and knock out the guards in the police van holding Rollie Vale.

They then take him back to Luthor's underground lair while Superman puts out the fire and takes the victim to the hospital.

Vale gives Luthor the Kryptonite, hidden in a small compartment in his robotic arm. Luthor tells Lois who is now tied to a chair, that he plans to kill Superman with it, so no one can take her away from him and gives it to Nigel for safekeeping.

Vale demands his money, Luthor attempts to doublecross him, but is astonished to find Nigel and Ramine doublecrossing them both.

Refusing to admit defeat, Luthor shoves Vale at Nigel and Ramine, but Nigel shoots Luthor in the chest with his crossbow and Gretchen rushes to his side. Nigel kills Vale and he and Ramine make their escape.

Lois who has shaken off her bonds goes to Luthor and asks Gretchen if he is alright, Gretchen says that she'll take care of him, Luthor removes the arrow from his chest and tells Lois "it's only a minor setback".

Furious, Gretchen hurls Lois in the rat pit, Luthor tries to save her, but Gretchen holds him back saying that she is the one who truly loves him, he responds by pushing her into a high voltage fuse box with wires, killing her.

Superman arrives and rescues Lois from the pit, refusing to be captured alive, Luthor tries to commit suicide again by grabbing the damaged wires, but Superman stops by him by using his heat vision to destroy them and says that he can't cheat justice twice.

Luthor tells Lois to tell Superman that she once loved him. Lois finds that she can't and Luthor is sent to prison.

Back at the Daily Planet, Perry is looking at the latest article that says: "Luthor Alive And Behind Bars" and says that he and Jimmy knew that Lois and Clark had begun to date.


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Memorable QuotesEdit

Gretchen: "Lex?"

Nigel: "I can't believe it."

Luthor: "Believe it."

Vale: "So what happened, forget to bring your hair with you when you came back from the dead."

Luthor: "Me, I'm the Joke. Twice I've had the chance to kill you, twice the game has gone your way."

Superman: "Sorry Luthor, but killing yourself is the easy way out. You can't cheat justice twice."