Adventures of Superman
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date January 9, 1953
Written by Dick Hamilton
Directed by Thomas Carr
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Criminals force an eccentric scientist to use his robot to commit crimes.


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  • In a rarity for the series, Lucien Littlefield receives end credit billing with his character's name. Horatio Hinkle is actually a renamed version of radio character Horatio Horn, who also surfaced by this point in the Superman newspaper comic strip, under the name Horatio Hook. Under any name, the character is the same, an eccentric amateur detective and "rural correspondent" for the Daily Planet, highlighted by his use of the catchphrase "By Gulliver." This would be the character's only appearance on the series, but the end credit billing could suggest either plans for future use, or merely acknowledgement of Littlefield's central contribution.