Adventures of Superman
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 19, 1952
Written by Richard Fielding, Whitney Ellsworth (earlier drafts)
Directed by Thomas Carr
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The Haunted Lighthouse

Baby Superman arrives on Earth, grows up and uses his powers to benefit humankind.


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Production notesEdit

  • Actor Ross Elliott is listed first among the episodic players, but does not appear in the actual episode. According to copies of the actual call sheets, Elliott was originally cast as Jor-El but replaced by Robert Rockwell, and the end credits reflected the call sheets rather than the final episode. This error occurred in several other first season episodes.[1]
  • The episode's opening narration, describing Krypton and naming the Council's meeting place as "the Temple of Wisdom," is taken almost word for word from the first radio episode, "The Baby from Krypton," by radio writer George Ludlam (February 12, 1940). The radio episode was also the first appearance in any media of Jor-El (spelled "Jor-L" in the script), Rozan, and the Krypton Council (Action Comics #1 only acknowledges that the planet exploded and that Superman's father was a "scientist.")


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