Debut Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1

(December, 1999)

Created by Joe Kelly; Jackson Guice
Portrayed by see In other media
AKA Lourdes Lucero
Classification Human
Abilities "Mists of Ibella"

Encantadora is a villain who can use magic thanks to her Mists of Ibella. She was known for selling fake Kryptonite to various villains of the world.


Lourdes Lucero's father had devoted his life to searching for the mystical "Mists of Ibella", which, when he found them, ultimately drove him insane. He had fought the temptation to succumb to the thrall of the mists and on his deathbed, charged his daughter with disposing of them to protect their family and care for her younger brother. Lourdes felt no need to resist the mists however, and took their container from her father on his deathbed, and used their powers to become La Encantadora

Lourdes came into conflict with Superman when she tried to sell fake Kryptonite to several supervillains; the mists allowed her to create the illusion of genuine kryptonite when meeting her clients, but the rocks were swiftly revealed to simply be painted green later on. Upon learning of the deception, her buyers were naturally nonplussed, but she was eventually captured by Superman - aided by a holographic projector provided by Doctor Spectrum - to allow Superman to confirm his theory about her powers, who delivered her to jail.


Superman next encountered Encantadora while Christmas shopping, when she had a fight with Etrigan with the result that the powers of the pair spiraled out of control and caused people to face their inner demons. Superman quelled the disturbance and Encantadora was apparently left powerless. To warm her, Superman gives her his cape - and abruptly she teleported away with the perfect Christmas present for her brother, who is a huge fan of Superman.


During a kiss with Superman, Encantadora passed a single nano-bot into his body which started to systematically destroy his cells, slowly killing him cell by cell. Encantadora found her conscience bothering her, however, and she warned Lois Lane and the Atom so that help could be found to save Superman. This perceived failure enraged Encantadora's employer, who sent Deathstroke to kill her. Moments from death at Deathstroke's hand, Superman eventually rescued her again.

Ra's al Ghul

When Ra's al Ghul kidnapped her brother Victor and threatened to kill him unless she used the Mists of Ibella to infuse the Lazarus Pits with her power, Superman and Talia Head intervened and reunited Encantadora with her brother. Superman brought her to the authorities and she vowed that she would turn over a new leaf. Superman takes the necklace containing her mists and flies away. Mid-flight, the mists vanished from his grasp and he wished Lourdes the best of luck on her second chance.

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