A Duplicator Ray was a machine that could emit rays capable of duplicating objects exactly, down to their molecular structure. The machine was invented by Professor Dalton, but his invention failed as the duplicates it produced were imperfect. When the machine was aimed at Superboy, it created Bizarro for the first time. ("Bizarro - The Super-Creature of Steel!")

Many years later, Lex Luthor dug up Professor Dalton's plans for the machine and rebuilt it. He aimed it at Superman, re-creating Bizarro, who remembered his experiences as a copy of Superboy. (How this is possible is not explained, as that Bizarro was destroyed). Bizarro then stole the Duplicator Ray from Luthor and used it on himself, creating New Bizarro. Soon after, it was used on Lois Lane, creating Bizarro Lois Lane, leading to the creation of the planet Htrae. ("The Battle with Bizarro")

The planet was populated with copies of Bizarro and Bizarro-Lois. The ray itself was later stored in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. When Baby Buster was staying at the Fortress, he accidentally aimed it at Supergirl, creating a Bizarro Supergirl. ("The Son of Bizarro!")