Drax, flying through New Metropolis.

Drax is a Kryptonian supervillain from the Phantom Zone, and is hinted to be the son (or clone) of General Zod. He has thus far only appeared in episodes of the Legion of Super-Heroes animated series, in which he faces off against a young Superman along with other heroes in the future.

A young man who Clark accidentally frees from the Phantom Zone, Drax has the typical array of Kryptonian powers, in addition to an immunity to Kryptonite. The Phantom Zone criminals are capable of contacting him, prompting him to attempt to free them. Drax has a hatred of Superman, as well an air of superiority about him, and taunts the young Clark with the fact that he has no idea of his future or what he will become. He was born in the Phantom Zone and claims that's where he gets his powers from.

Powers and abilities

Superhuman strength: Drax is able to match Clark's vast levels of strength. He is capable of pulverizing rock and metal.

Super speed: Drax can move at high speeds.

Super Stamina and Endurance: Drax has unlimited stamina and endurance.

Flight: He can fly at vast speeds and high altitudes.

Invulnerability:Drax is impervious to all damage,Superman had a hard time dealing with Drax.Ultimately Clark didn't actually win against Drax.

Kryptonite immunity: Drax, in contrast to normal kryptonians, is immune to Kryptonite radiation.

Heat vision:He can project potent beams of heat from eyes.

X-ray vision: Drax can see through objects.

Psychic link with the Phantom Zone:As replied by Drax, he born in the Phantom Zone and as such he is mentally connected to it, to the point where the prisoners in there can contact him whenever they want.

Longevity: Drax can live for centuries.