Debut Action Comics Annual #2. (1989)
Created by Jerry Ordway, George Perez and Roger Stern
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Undisclosed Alien
Affiliation Warworld

Draaga is an alien warrior and gladiatorial combatant on the planet Warworld. This puts him in service to the world-conqueror Mongul, fighting for his master's pleasure.


Draaga was an alien warrior and the favored combatant of Warworld in service to Mongul. Draaga participated in many of Mongul's gladiatorial fights and was the undisputed champion until the day that Superman came to Warworld. Superman defeated Draaga, but refused to take his life (as per the terms of the contest). Rather than showing gratitude however, Draaga was furious. He felt that Superman's decision to spare his life was an insult to his honor. Draaga committed himself to avenging his honor by one day defeating the Man of Steel.

Draaga remained on Warworld and was present when the Coluan demagogue Brainiac took control of the planet. Draaga was one of several aliens who facilitated Brainiac's attempts to subjugate the planet Earth. During this incident, Draaga came into conflict with Superman once again, though this time, he recognized the Kryptonian's heroism and bravery. No longer wishing to kill him, Draaga decided to turn against Brainiac and fight by Superman's side. When the heroes of Earth mounted an assault against Warworld, Brainiac activated an Anti-Matter Doomsday weapon. Draaga heroically gave his life to destroy the weapon, thus saving everybody on Warworld. In honor of his memory, the Matrix; Supergirl decided to assume Draaga's form so that everyone would remember his courage.

Powers and abilities

Draaga is superhumanly strong and resistant to injury. His strength level is almost in the same class as Superman.

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