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Doomsday Rex
The cover depicts the evolved Doomsday's face, close-up.
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Doomsday Rex refers to a comic book story which appeared in Superman #175. Doomsday has evolved greater physical capabilities, and attacks Superman again in Washington, D.C. He is shown to have developed emotions and further intellect as well, and it is by manipulating these that Superman is able to kill him.

Stories featuring Doomsday (Edit this template)
Comic Books The Death of Superman (First Appearance) • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/PreyDoomsday: Year OneThe Doomsday WarsSuperman: Our Worlds at WarDoomsday RexApokolips Now!In the Name of GogInfinite CrisisSuperman: New KryptonAll-Star SupermanReign of DoomsdayReign of the Doomsdays
TV and Movies Superman: The Animated SeriesSuperman LivesSuperman: DoomsdaySmallville, season 8Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
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