Dick Malverine, born Dick Wilson, was one of the kids at the Midvale Orphanage during the time that Supergirl was living there.

Pre-Crisis HistoryEdit

Much like Lana Lang did to Superboy years ago, Dick developed a suspicion that Linda Lee was, in fact, Supergirl. He then began a quest to prove that she was one and the same. Supergirl was able to fool him, however. ("The Great Supergirl Mirage")

He was eventually adopted by the Malverine family, and took on their name. When Linda Lee was also adopted, he maintained contact with her and began taking her on a series of dates. He no longer believed her to be a Supergirl. Among these dates was one trip to the Midvale Fair. ("The Six Red "K" Perils of Supergirl!")

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns continuityEdit

Wilson Gene Manipulation

Much later in life, Dick Wilson was responsible for genetic manipulations, still in Midvale. He had become the Headmaster of Midvale Orphanage, now a secret government facility. ("Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again")