Debut Krypto the Superdog
Portrayed by Kathleen Barr
AKA Agent 9-L
Classification Feline

Delilah is one of Mechanikat's feline agents and is an enemy of Streaky the Supercat. She's in charge of weapons and helped create the Katbots, as well as knowing 9 different types of Kung Fu.

She also has a secret that NOBODY knows about.

Delilah has soft cream-colored fur, green eyes with violet eye shadow, a white chest, and a thick bushy tail and she has a beauty mark under her left eye. Her outfit consists of a plain violet collar in season 1 and pieces of pink and violet armor on her body in season 2 and further on.


Krypto the Superdog

  • Feline Fatale
  • Furry Fish
  • Andrea Finds Out
  • Solar Specs


  • Each episode featuring Delilah has scenes, where she is missing her eye shadow.
  • The early part of Feline Fatale, where Delilah hides behind window to Andrea's room, was awkwardly animated - Delilah's motion at low speed is showing her at strange poses.
  • In the Furry Fish episode, Delilah calls Dooly the dolphin "a fish", despite it is commonly-known fact that dolphins are marine mammals.
  • Andrea Finds Out episode depicts Delilah with different tone of fur and wider cheek hair than in previous episodes.


Feline Fatale

Furry Fish

Andrea Finds Out

Solar Specs

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