Davis Bloome
Davis Bloome
Debut Smallville, 8x02 (2008)
Created by Smallville producers
Portrayed by Sam Witwer
AKA Doomsday
Classification genetically engineered Kryptonian
Relatives Faora ("mother")
Abilities strength, invulnerability, resurrection

Davis Bloome was the Earth camouflage (or human form) of the Kryptonian creature Doomsday, the result of a fusion of genetic material taken from the most violent Kryptonian life-forms with that of the renegade Kryptonians General Zod and Faora. He was sent to Earth as genetic matter attached to Kal-El's ship; his true monstrous form would remain camouflaged, adapting to the world it was sent to until it was ready to destroy the civilization. As a "human," Davis worked as a paramedic at Metropolis General Hospital.

In late 2008, Davis transformed and kidnapped Chloe Sullivan, whom he took to the infected Fortress of Solitude, whilst under the control of Brainiac before transforming back. He was then imprisoned in ice by Brainiac, who stated that Davis would transform completely and permanently in 12 days. However, before this time period was up, Brainiac was defeated, and a transformed Davis smashed out of his imprisonment.

Davis returned to Metropolis weeks later, where his evil side started to encroach on his human persona when he became angry and murdered Linda Lake. In order to control the beast within, he went on a murder spree, killing people whom he perceived as bad, but was routed by Jimmy Olsen, who witnessed a murder; Davis, however, managed to convince people that Jimmy was hallucinating. Soon after, Chloe and Clark Kent discovered Davis' killing spree and his true origins. He tried to kill himself in a kryptonite cage, but it failed and he adapted. So he turned to Chloe for help, since being near her suppressed Doomsday inside of him.

After his confrontation with Clark in the Fortress, Davis went on the run with Chloe, vowing never to never look back. The Justice League located and captured both Chloe and Davis with the intention of killing Davis in order to protect Clark. When Davis was transforming into Doomsday, Chloe used black kryptonite to separate Doomsday from Davis. Chloe and Davis were brought to safety by Jimmy. Once Davis discovered that Chloe had only been with him to protect Clark and she was still in love with Jimmy, Davis attacked and killed Jimmy. Davis attempted to kill Chloe, but Jimmy protected Chloe as he was dying by killing Davis.

Powers & Abilities

Davis had a range of abilities while in both his human and alien forms:

Like in the comics Davis/Doomsday doesn't need food or water to survive. In fact he doesn't need oxygen. This only applies when Davis is in his Doomsday form.

Reactive Adaptation – Davis develops an immunity to any attack that harms him; he cannot be killed the same way twice. According to Faora, that which kills him only makes him stronger.

Regeneration - Davis can recover from injury very rapidly, with this ability being linked to his reactive adaptation. When Faora impaled him with a steel rod, his injury completely healed within only a couple of minutes.

Super Stamina - Davis can run for long periods of time without getting tired. Davis Bloome has not yet displayed Super Endurance, however Doomsday has displayed this ability.

Immortality and Longevity

Super strength – Even while in human form, Davis could tap into Doomsday's powers, using his super strength to kill his victims. Within seconds, he smothered Linda Lake and snapped "evil" people's necks with ease. Davis' strength seemed to be on par with Clark when they fought in the Fortress of Solitude and was able to overpower him as Doomsday with ease. Doomsday was able to use his strength to perform "flying leaps" as Clark did, and with one punch, send Clark sailing through several buildings across Metropolis.

Invulnerability - When Davis tried to stab himself with a blade, it shattered into pieces without hurting him. He was also able to withstand a punch from Clark while they were battling in the fortress.

Super speed - Davis Bloome demonstrated this ability in Beast, when Clark tried sending him to the Phantom Zone. However, once Davis was split from Doomsday, he was powerless and had no Kryptonian powers anymore, apparently all of his powers were from Doomsday. When Jimmy stabbed Davis with a spike and died from the attack, he didn't regenerate like he usually would before getting split. (Doomsday Episode)

Davis Bloome has not yet displayed,Enhanced Underwater Breathing. So it could be assumed that only when he transforms into Doomsday will he gain this ability.