Cythonna was a female Kryptonian goddess of ice and death, and was part of the pantheon of deities on Krypton.



She was amongst the first of the gods of Krypton at the beginning of time and reigned in the world in harmony. However, unlike some of her brothers and sisters, Cythonna was an evil that came from the furthest regions of the came with cold as well as a deep hatred for all that was warm and full of light. Among the other gods, she was the only one incapable of having children and what offspring that were born consisted of monsters of ice and rime. Thus, she brought not only cold but both fear and despair to the lands.

At the time of her arrival, she was noted as being a crystalline beauty and spoke to the sun god Rao of tenderness and love as she sought to claim him as her own. However, Rao saw through her heart and learned that she knew nothing of the word and that she only sought to mate with him in order to birth monsters that would corrupt the world of the light and thus rejected her. This led to a war between the two that became known as the "Wars of Ice and Fire".

Wars of Ice and FireEdit

Whilst Cythonna was strong, the powers of the gods of the dawn were new and they had never known anger before. Ultimately, these gods were successful in defeating her and passed judgement; whilst they were incapable of killing her, it was Rao who decided to exile her by banishing her into the frozen void beyond the borders of existence through the iron gates of doom which were sealed forever. There she remained in the great darkness of the void where she gathered the souls of the unforgiven dead and vowed that if the power of the gods ever weakened, then she would return to get vengeance and finish the war.

Though the war had ended, the scars from the Wars of Ice and Fire remained on Krypton's surface where they never truly healed. The Kryptonians grew to become an emotionless people due to Cythonna's bitterness. Among their gods, many of the young ones had been slain whilst the remaining according to legend left their world in order to heal their wounds in a distant realm. The faithful claimed that their gods would return to Krypton to eventually restore her whilst apostates stated that their deities had abandoned both them and skeptics debated if there were any such things as gods as well as wondered if they were in fact a race of ancient protomen that lived on their world.

On EarthEdit

A few years after Lois Lane and Superman got married, she managed to escape to frozen void. Five days later she appeared at the Daily Planet and managed to best Superman. She claimed him as her mate and flew away saying that he was to meet her at "the roof of your world" in one hour. Lex Luthor then tried to meet with her and make a deal. He failed and had one of his men kill another. He drove away in great anger. Meanwhile, Superman was investigating Cythonna's claims. He found she was telling the truth. On his way to meet her, Luthor gave Superman some kryptonite to help him beat her.

Cythonna's Immense StrengthEdit

Possibly One of the Strongest to have ever existed so far in the entire History of the DC Universe.Edit

The use of the internet and forums, have caused much place for fans of the DC Universe to speculate over the powers, abilities, and over all greatness of their favorite Heros and Villains. Had the internet not have existed, Cythonna would probably remain unknown by many fans of DC Comics. However, the ease of transmitting information via the internet, has given rise to the recent resurfacing of an incredibly powerful super villain, who only touched down for a moment in the DC world, to now have a growing popularity and recognition by some fans as quite possibly the strongest character to have ever existed in the entire history of the DC Universe.

Many DC forums and fans have hosted and speculated the question, "who is the strongest character to have ever existed". There can be no doubt that Cythonna should be listed in the extreme upper tier, if not, the absolute strongest ever portrayed.

Though short lived, her single appearance in "The Last God of Krypton", had many statements, as well as demonstrations, (during the way she so effortlessly seemed to handle Superman) concerning her vast and unmatched strength.

On Superman's first encounter with her, a single backhand, almost knocked him out. He was unable to rise to his feet quickly enough to chase her. A surprised spectator shouted "good Lord", at the display of Cythonna incapacitating the Hero most thought would be able to oppose her, with such ease. He would later express to Lois, "I'm scared myself Lois, her blow was easily as strong as any I took from the three supercriminals I was once forced to execute, and this was a backhand, a casual one"

While flying with Lois in her arms after his first encounter with her, Lois exclaimed, "I've never seen you so worried Clark, are you sure she didn't hurt you". Superman responded with, "She demonstrated a complete contempt for life, (referring to the woman she froze in a cube, which is what prompted Superman to try and intervene before getting backhanded and nearly knocked out by her) a sensitivity bordering on the telepathic, and a strength beyond anything I've ever encountered".

This statement by Superman himself, and followed by other examples given here, has given rise to the growing popularity of the Super Goddess as a contender for being quite possibly one of the strongest and most physically powerful characters to have ever existed in the DC Universe.

If this statement from Superman is true, then this means she is stronger than many of the very powerful enemies Superman has fought before, who seemed to trump his strength, including, Doomsday, Mongul, and Darkseid to name a few.

This seems consistent however, because Rao himself could not physically overpower Cythonna, showing that she at least matches his strength. As a major God of the Kryptonian's, Rao is considered as one of the most powerful being in the DC Universe.

During a one sided fight when Cythonna nearly killed Superman using a bit of her telepathic abilities, some of her ice powers, and more than anything, the unmatched strength of her bare hands, she stated, "now child of light despair, even the God's could not destroy me", again validating that multiple major deities were only able to vanish her for a time, and not able to over power her enough to kill her.


Only a combination of things would bring Cythonna to an end, when Superman would flee for his life to the sun. The powers of the sun, deriving from Rao, and being the universal opposite of Cythonna, was enough to weaken her down a level much closer to Superman's as he was also amped up to his full potential. She still seemed to be slightly stronger, and still physically controlling most of the fight, until a grenade of Kryptonite was used to further knock her back, only to finally be pulled in and enveloped by the sun.

More reasons Cythonna may be one of the most physically powerful to have ever existed in the DC Universe.Edit

*Superman was "worried" after her one shot "casual backhand" that nearly knocked him out. It's not like Superman to be worried, unless he's about to face something incredibly powerful. Rarely have we seen him make statements about a "strength beyond anything I have ever encountered" after only a single "casual" blow.

*Superman was worried that he would more than likely have to figure out a way to kill Cythonna. Again, rarely does Superman ever feel the need to kill any kind of being. This shows her strength, and power, unmatched, and guided by an evil will to subdue all, was an incredible threat to the Man of Steel, which left him no choice but to more than likely have to kill her.

*The fight with the incredibly powerful Super Goddess, was completely one sided. Superman never had a time of showing some reasonable resistance to Cythonna's strength. In all other battles he's shown at least some opposition, if even to be lost again against a more powerful foe. Only a few times was Superman able to bat her away, but he never rendered any damage to the Goddess, nor showed any instance in which he either delivered a significant blow, or challenged her strength. Yet he suffered an onslaught of her incredibly powerful strikes and blows that sent him flying backwards, only to be picked up and tossed around again by her. Her conversation seeming to show that for her, it was but a simple task to toss around the Man of Steel.

*When Superman was nearly defeated by her shear strength, she stood over him with only one hand around his throat, easily pinning him to the ground, and again, Superman showed no ability to counter her strength. Even the world watched via a satellite from one of Lex Luthor's Networks. Only the words, "Her will. Her power. Too strong!" would be uttered by the Man of Steel, until shortly after he told himself, "Can't let her beat me... like this". Finally batting her away for a moment, and just enough to escape to the sun. And even Lois confirmed the Man of Steel's incredibly powerful foe, and the one sidedness of their fight when she said, "but Superman seemed to be so terribly hurt, and Cythonna appeared to be untouched".

*Rarely has Superman had but no option other than trying to escape and flee from his foe. Yet this was all he could do. As Superman finally batted Cythonna off of him for a moment, only to escape, a reporter, (this fight was being seen on Lex Luthor's network) said, "Ladies and Gentleman, incredible as it seems, a badly battered and bruised Superman, appears to running away, he's heading into space! And that creature is following him". He continues, "Imaging data shows the planet's greatest hero, flying erratically through the orbits of the inner planets.. in a last ditch effort to evade his pursuer."

Statements (some previously cited) made to validate the incredible and seemingly unmatched strength of Cythonna.Edit

*She possesses, "... a strength beyond anything I've ever encountered". Superman after a one shot back hand he would later call "casual"

*"I'm scared myself Lois, her blow was easily as strong as any I took from the three supercriminals I was once forced to execute, and this was a backhand, a casual one". Superman after the brutal backhand that knocked face over shoulder, and onto the ground, to be a bit senseless and dazed.

*She's Kryptonian, she's stronger than you, and she clearly has an agenda. Lex Luthor when he was conspiring with Superman as to how they would stop the Powerful Goddess. Superman had accepted without arguing Lex's statement, she was stronger than him.

*Her will. Her power. Too strong!" Superman, shortly before nearly killing him, and pinning him to the ground with one hand around his throat.

*Can't think. Can't let her beat me... like this". (Periods in original dialogue to express struggle) Superman, just before finally breaking away to move toward the sun in a last ditch effort.

*"Good Lord". Made by an astonished onlooker who watched Cythonna incapacitate Superman with but he would later call a "casual backhand", that knocked him face over shoulder, and nearly out, unable to pursue her.