Circe, according to Greek Mythology, is the daughter of the sun and was a sorceress best known for her gift to turn
men into animals with her magic wand. She is the daughter of Perseus and Helios, and whose daughter is Aega (goddess of the sun) she is remembered for her run in with Odysseus and his men, and famous for her knowledge of magic and poisonous herbs.

However, Superman has actually encountered Circe, learning that she actually exists, although possibly not exactly like the myth.


Original CirceEdit

The original Circe was actually a Kryptonian scientist who invented an Evolution Serum, composed partially of Kryptonite. She evolved many Kryptonians into various animals. It is likely she then traveled to Earth, where she became known to the Greeks. ("The Lady and the Lion")

Modern CirceEdit

A descendant of the Kryptonian scientist, a modern Mediterranean woman was also named Circe and still had some of the serum invented by her ancestor, though her Kryptonian powers seemed to have been diluted through generations of inbreeding with Humans. ("The Lady and the Lion")