Candy Myers
Debut radio series
Portrayed by various (radio)
Frank Jenks (TV)
Classification human

Candy Myers is a private detective who operates in Metropolis. He appeared semi-regularly on radio's The Adventures of Superman from at least the mid 1940s until the series' end, figuring prominently in Superman's battles against kryptonite owning villains like the Atom Man and George Latimer.

Candy is frequently consulted or hired by Clark Kent to run background checks, trail suspects, or otherwise investigate situations, as a supplement to official police contacts like Inspector Henderson or when the problem is too confidential or hard to explain to authorities (usually concerning Superman). He's also been called in by other Daily Planet staffers (such as Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, or Perry White) on occasions when Clark Kent himself has disappeared.

Candy Myers made his sole TV appearance to date in the Adventures of Superman episode "The Stolen Costume". He reprised his role from the half hour radio episode "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (December 1, 1950); in both versions, Candy is called in by Clark Kent when the Superman costume is stolen, though Clark is unable to tell Candy exactly what's been taken. He's later briefly mistaken for Clark Kent himself by two criminals. At the case's conclusion, in both radio and TV versions, Candy remains skeptical of his friend Clark's wild story, joking that if it's true, "then I'm Dick Tracy and you must be Superman."