Bizarro versions of Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Superman, Batman, Krypto, and Green Lantern, on Htrae.

Bizarros are a race of dopplegangers. The original Bizarro, known as Bizarro, is an imperfect duplicate of Superman, created by a scientist. Since then, numerous other Bizaro versions of both humans and Kryptonians have been created.

The Bizarros' homeworld is the planet Htrae, also known as Bizarro World. It is a cubical version of the Earth.


While Bizarros take on the characteristics of whatever race they copy, they also have their own characteristics. They usually have white, cracked or chalky skin. Their intelligence seems to be lower than the norm for Humans.


The Bizarro's culture can be summed up with the phrase "Us do opposite!". They wish to be whatever their earthly counterparts are not. However, perhaps ironically, their culture bears a heavy resemblance to that of earth. This is perhaps because they maintain some of the memories of the individuals they copy, and hence some of their identity.

Known Bizarros

The names in parentheses are the individuals who the bizarros are duplicates of.

Notable Appearances