Bizarro Lois

Bizarro Lois Lane, as her name implies, is a Bizarro duplicate of Lois Lane, living on Htrae with her husband Bizarro.


Bizarro Lois was created by Lex Luthor's duplicator ray, directed at Lois Lane while on Earth. The lonely Bizarro, who had kidnapped Lois to try to get her to marry him, was finally satisfied with his "perfect" version of Lois once she was created, and the two left Earth to start a new planet—a Bizarro World. ("The Battle with Bizarro")

In 1960, she had a son with Bizarro, who was named Baby Buster. The baby, unfortunately, looked Human in appearance, leading to his exile from Bizarro society. This lead to Bizarro accidentally sending the baby to Earth, where he was temporarily raised there. Bizarro Lois and her husband were horribly sad to lose their son, but Superman and Supergirl returned the baby to his parents after his appearance became more Bizarrolike. ("The Son of Bizarro!")