Bill Henderson
Debut The Adventures of Superman
Action Comics #440 (Oct 1974)
Created by radio script writers
Portrayed by various (radio)
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Classification Human
Affiliation Metropolis Police Department

Bill Henderson works for the Metropolis Police Department. Most of his career was spent as a detective inspector. During the "Reign of the Supermen" storyline, he was promoted to police commissioner.

Inspector Henderson first appeared in the 1940s Superman radio show, where he served as Superman's primary police contact. His regular assistant was Sergeant Healy. He subsequently appeared semiregularly in the George Reeves TV series before finally being incorporated into the comics in the 1970s.

No relation, if any, is known to Mike Henderson.


Superman Family #222 (September 1982)

In other media

  • The Metropolis Police Department file for "Inspector William Henderson" appears as the name of an item in the MPD Science Cops Collection in DC Universe Online.