" No! You can't do this to us! We made you better! Don't you see? No one can equal you! My genius built you... created you! You cannot kill... your father! "

- Bertron's last words to his "Son" Doomsday before he was killed by his own creation.

Debut Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Unknown Species
Relatives Doomsday (creation)
Abilities genius-level intelligence

Bertron is the scientist who created the monstrosity, Doomsday. He is an alien of unknown species; At the time he created Doomsday, he was working at a lab set up on the planet Krypton. His experiments kicked off the planet's era of genetic research. (Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey)


Obessed with creating the perfect creature, Bertron took a humanoid baby, who he dubbed "Baby", and repeatedly launched it out into the harsh wilderness of Krypton to fend for itself. The baby died, but Bertron retrieved the baby's genetic material and brought him back to life.

He did this repeatedly until Baby became Doomsday or as Bertron called him "The Ultimate". He was proud of his creation, and satisfied, but the monster returned and killed him and destroyed his lab.


Since his death, whenever Doomsday looks at Superman, he sees his creator, Bertron. This fills him with rage, causing him to attack Superman. (Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey)

During the Imperiex War, the United States government implanted a chip on Doomsday to fool him so that whenever he sees Imperiex, he would instead believe that he was seeing Bertron. This caused Doomsday to fight at Superman's side against Imperiex. (Our Worlds at War)

General Zod claims to have been responsible for hunting down and killing those who created Doomsday. He said:

"I decimated the Doomsday Terrorists before they unleashed their monster!"

It is unknown if he was referring to Bertron and his group of scientists or not. It is unknown whether this statement is accurate or not. (Superman: Last Son)