Asha Del-Nar
Debut Superman: World of New Krypton #1 (March 2009)
Created by Andrew Kreisberg and Pete Woods
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Kryptonian Military Guild - Red Shard
Abilities Standard Kryptonian

Asha Del-Nar is a soldier in the Kryptonian Military Guild of New Krypton.


Asha Del-Nar was a writer in the Artists Guild of Kandor but enlisted after the city was stolen by Brainiac. Considered a competent but unremarkable officer, she led Red Shard after Gor was promoted out of the unit but before Kal-El was assigned to it. She became Kal-El's second-in-command. With him, she has fought Though-Beasts and captured the criminal known as Greyline.

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